Sunday, February 15, 2009

CVS Trip 2/14/09

I unfortunately had $22 in ECBs expiring on the 14th so I had to make a trip to roll my ECBs. This week there were not a lot of great or clear cut deals that make rolling ECBs easy. To make it a little harder, when I ran my card on the scanner, it spit out a $10/$50 coupon. It took me about an hour to come up with this in the store:

3 Johnson & Johnson Soaps, 1.19
-3 MF Qs $1/1
Final Pricew: .19 each

2 Mylanta, 6.49, one was on sale for 3.49
-1 MF Q $4/2
Final Price: $2.99 each

3 Bodyheat 3 pack, 3.99
-2 peelies $1/1
Final Price: $3.32 each

2 Lindt Truffles (only one pictured), 4.29
-2 MF Qs $1/1
Final Price: 3.29 each

Sudafed OM Nasal Spray, 7.99
-MF Q $2/1
-CVS CRT $2/1 Sudafed
-CVS $1/any sinus/allergy purchase
Final price: 2.99

3 American Greeting Cards, total for 3 - 8.87
-IP Q BOGO (3.99)
Final Price: 1.63 each

Aquafresh, regularly 4.29, on sale 3.22
-CVS CRT $2/1
-IP Q $1/1
Final Price: .22

CVS Paper Towels, 2.49

-CVS $10 off of $50

Total before sales/coupons: 62.56
-21.97 ECBs
-CVS $10 off of $50
OOP: 4.54 (Saving 93%)

ECBs that I got from the transaction: $18 ($6 for Mylanta, $3 for American Greetings, $9 for Bodyheat). I lost a few ECBs but it is better than losing all of them from expiring!


Colleen said...

Hi! This is such a dumb question, but I am new to CVS here in Franklin. Where is this elusive scanner? I have searched the store at Carothers and Mallory Lane, but can't find it! I really want some of these coupons! Please help! Thank you - Colleen

Dr. Mom said...

Hi Colleen!
This is the scanner that is at the CVS on Hillsboro a.k.a. Columbia across from the Goodwill and Kroger. It is between Franklin High School and downtown Franklin. I think the exact address is:


You will see the scanner straight ahead when you walk in. The cashiers are really nice there as well. The store is well laid out and it is so far never uncomfortably busy like other local CVS stores. I think it has only been open about six months or so. Hope that helps!

Colleen said...

Dr. Mom,
You are awesome! Thank you for the help. I will check it out.
P.S. I've shared your blog with about 100 people, and I love all your tips!

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