Sunday, February 22, 2009

Great Trip to Publix $156 for $34

I took my daughter to the store with me today so it was a little more than I had planned to spend but not too bad. One of the items that I purchased did not ring up as BOGO so I had to go to customer service to correct it. As usual they were great and gave me one item for free (thanks Amy)!

3 Boxes of Valentine Candy, was 3.00, on sale .25 each

16 Green Giant Vegetables, regularly 1.75, on sale 1.00
-8 MF Qs .50/2, doubled
Final Price: .50 each

Tidy Cat, 2.49
-MF Q $1/1
Final Price: 1.49

Purity Pops, 2.39

Publix Mac & Cheese, .79

1 Gallon Publix Milk, 2.79
-Publix Q $1/1 (mailed to me)
Final Price: 1.79

4 Contessa Shrimp, 6.99 BOGO
-2 IP Qs 1.50/2
-3.50 (one free for not ringing up correctly)
Final Price: 1.87 each

4 Progresso Soups, regularly 1.99, on sale 1.25
-1 IP Q $2/4
Final Price: .75 each

4 Ragu, regularly 2.19, BOGO
-2 MF Qs .75/2
Final Price: .72 each

2 Juicy Juice, 3.49, BOGO
-1 MF Q .50/2, doubled
-Publix Q $1/1
Final Price: .75 each

9 Glass Plus, 2.49 BOGO
-9 MF Qs .50/1, doubled
Final Price: .25 each

Suave Children's Shampoo, 2.19
-1 MF Q Free Item (rang up as 3.00)
Final Price: -.81 overage

2 Diet Dr. Pepper, 1.34 each
-1 MF Q Free Item
-1 MF Q $1/1
Final Price: .17 each

Revlon Tweezers, 2.99
-Publix Q $2.50/1
-MF Q $1/1
Final Price: -.51 overage

Revlon Emory Board, 1.89
-Publix Q $2.50/1
-MF Q $1/1
Final Price: -1.61 overage

Viva Big Roll, regularly 4.49, on sale 3.49
-MF Q .50/1, doubled
-Publix Q 1.25/1
Final Price: 1.24

Publix Large Eggs, regularly 1.49, on sale 1.39

2 Boxes Strawberries, regularly 4.99, on sale 2/$5
Final Price: 2.50 each

Mentos, .79 (not pictured)
-MF Q .55/1
Final Price: .24

Publix Tortilla Chips, 2.00
-Penny Item
Final Price: .01

-$5.00 - Publix Italian Sale Coupon $5/20 items (Green Giant and Progresso items)
-$3.50 Kroger CRT (Competitor Coupon)

Total before sales/coupons: $155.80
Sales: 68.09
Coupons: 53.38
OOP: 34.33 (I will apply for the $10 Green Giant Publix rebate for purchasing 15)
Saved: 80% or 84% with rebate


Lacy said...

Hey I love your blog....

Great trip!!!! Love the pic!

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Shynea @ Penny Pinching Diva said...

Wow! You had a very good trip this week. I am moving to Florida next weekend, and they have a Publix and I can't wait to go shopping there. LOL I am going to have to keep close tabs on your blog so I can learn how to shop at Publix.

3girlsmommy said...

hey, where did you find the publix q for juicy juice? thanks!

Dr. Mom said...

It was mailed to me a few weeks ago in a sheet of coupons. Go to their site and sign up for every mailer and you will get more coupons from them.