Sunday, February 15, 2009

Publix Trip 2/15/09 - $30 for $151

I have been looking forward to the deals this week at Publix to stockpile. I usually wait until Sunday or Monday to shop there to get the penny item. Even the cashier was impressed when I left today! This was a great trip and our pets will be soooo happy! I love Publix.

Here is what I bought:

9 Green Valley Steamers, regularly 1.79-2.39, 50% off (7 at .89 and 2 at 1.19)
-5 MF Qs .50/1, doubled
-4 IP Qs .50/1, doubled
Final Price: -.04 overage each

4 International Delight Creamer, 16 oz, 1.99, BOGO
-4 IP Qs $1/1
Final Price: -.01 overage each

12 Boxes Milk Bone Dog Biscuits, regularly 3.69, BOGO
- 6 MF Qs BOGO
Final Price: .92 each (Publix prices their BOGO items at half price each, thus the coupon is BOGO to sale price, at other stores this coupon would make it free in a similar sale)

4 Soft Scrub Scrubbie Pads, 3.29, BOGO
-4 IP Qs $1/1
Final Price: .65 each

2 Soft Scrub with Bleach, 3.29, BOGO
-2 IP Qs $1/1
Final Price: .65 each

Tuscan Roasted Garlic Loaf Bread from Bakery, $4.49 (my favorite)
-Food Lion IP Q $1 off $4 Bakery Purchase (competitor coupon)
Final Price: 3.49

2 Fresh Express Salad Bags, 2 for $4
-1 Publix Q $1/1 (mailed to me)
-1 MF Q $1/1 (Kroger mailed to me)
Final Price: 1.00 each

Craisins 100 Calorie Pack, 2.39
-Publix Q buy 2 Fresh Express Salad Bags get Craisins Free - from Store Flyer at front of store
Final Price: Free

2 Juicy Juice 8 packs, 2.99, BOGO
-IP Q $1/2
Final Price: 1.00 each

3 Shedds Potatoes, 3.59, BOGO
-3 MF Qs $1/1
Final Price: .80 each

9 Betty Crocker Cookie Mixes, 2.19, BOGO
-3 Peelies .50/1, doubled (these where on frosting cans I had previously purchased)
-6 MF Qs .40/1, doubled
Final Price: .23 each

Publix Soda, .69
-Penny Item
Final Price: .01

Kame Oyster Sauce, 3.19 (splurge - no coupons! My husband really liked something he ate while in China on a business trip. I am going to try and recreate it.)

Total before sales/coupons: $151.74
Sales: 66.29
Coupons: 54.77
OOP: $30.68 (includes 5.69 tax, saved 80%)

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