Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Deals I Like This Week

These are not all the deals at each store, just the ones that I think are great. I find that if I pick out just a few for which to aim, couponing is not overwhelming. So here's my list:

Harris Teeter:

Your prices may vary slightly.

Cucumbers, 2 for $1.00 (cheaper than Aldi)

Electrasol, 5.99, BOGO

-$2.50/1 MF Q (remember my favorite coupon from last week's paper?)

Final Price:
.49 each

Glass Plus, 2.79 BOGO

-.50/1 MF Q (SS 3/22, 2/8)

Final Price: .40 each

Jose Ole Taquitos, B1G2, no price listed

-.75/1 Blinkie ( I have been collecting these for a while. It may or may not double. If the numbers on your coupon begin with a 5 then maybe, if they begin with a 9 then no), OR
-$1/1 IP Q printable
Final Price: Really Cheap

Skippy Peanut Butter 28 oz (big jars), 4.49 BOGO

-40/1 MF Q (4/5 Unilever) or printable

Final Price: 1.44 each

Ragu Pasta Sauce 45 oz (big jars), 4.26 BOGO

-30/1 MF Q (4/5 Unilever)

Final Price: 1.53 each

Sweet Baby Ray BBQ Sauce, BOGO, no price listed (my favorite brand)

-$1/1 Hangtag if you can find it

Final Price: Cheap

Ocean Spray Juice, 3.28, BOGO

-$1/1 Blinkie if you have it

Final Price: .64 each

Reported Deal on
We Use Coupons:
Buy any 4 2 liters of Pepsi products in a single transaction (currently $4 for 4) and get one 2 liter regular or diet Sierra Mist Ruby Splash free. (For the locals, Hillsboro Village H.T. does not have Sierra Mist Ruby Splash.)

Here's a scenario:
Buy 4 Pepsi's and 2 Sierra Mist Ruby Splash
-$1/4 Hangtag if you can find it, and

-BOGO IP Q for Ruby Splash
Final Price: .50 per 2 Liter

Lay's Chips, BOGO, no price listed

Round Cube Steak, BOGO, no price listed (in the past, their BOGO meats have been good deals)

Top Round London Broil or Roast, BOGO, no price listed

Just FYI, Triple Coupon Week at H.T. will be April 29th through May 5th!


Listerine, on sale 4.49

-$2/1 Publix Q (from Advantage Buy Spring Savings)

-$2/1 MF Q

Final Price: .49

Marie Callender’s Entrees or Dinners, 10 to 21 oz box, $2.99 BOGO

-$1 off Marie Callender Al Dente May All You Mag. or in store dispenser
-.50/1 MF Q (SS 3/29)
-.75/1 MC Al Dente
-$1/2 off any Marie Callenders Dinners May All You Mag.
-$1/5 Marie Callender’s Dinners Kroger insert 3/22 (regional)
Get a coupon for a
FREE Al Dente Entrée
Final Price: .50 - .75 each

Del Monte SunFresh or Orchard Select Fruit, 23.5 or 24 oz pkg, $3.99 BOGO

-$1 off Del Monte Sunfresh or Orchard Selects
Final Price: .99¢ ea

Pasta Roni or Rice A Roni, $1.17 BOGO

-$1/4 MF Q (RP 3/08)

-$1/3 Pasta or Rice a Roni printable
Final Price: .25¢ - .92 each

Wise Potato Chips, 7 to 8 oz bag, $2.99 BOGO

-.50/2 Wise Pop Corn, Pretzels, or Corn Chips printable

Final Price: $1 ea

Yoplait Go-Gurt Portable Yogurt, 8 pk, $2.79 BOGO
-$1 off Go-Gurt SS 4/19
-.35/1 Go-Gurt SS 4/19
-$1/2 Go-Gurt SS 3/22 or printable (IE) or printable (FF) Final Price: .39 - .89¢ ea

Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner, $2.79 BOGO
-.35/1 MF Q (SS 3/29)

-.75/1 MF Q (SS 3/29)
-$2/2 Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner SC Johnson Booklet at Publix

Final Price: .39 - .70 each

Shout Laundry Stain Remover with Trigger, 22 oz, $2.99 BOGO

-.75/1 MF Q (SS 3/29)
-.35/1 or .55/1 off any Shout product (SS 3/29)
Final Price: .75 - .95 each

Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers 50% off
-.50/1 off MF Q (SS 4/05, regional)
Final Price: FREE plus overage

Silk Soy Milk $2.50 ea -$1 off Silk, Save Money Save the Planet Booklet at Publix
-$1 off Silk Spring Greenwise Magazine from Publix
Final Price:
.50¢ ea (use both coupons)

Stouffer’s Family Size Entrees, 27 to 40 oz, $3.99 ea -$1 off any Stouffer’s Family Size April All You or printable (must register)
Final Price: $2.99 each

Suave Naturals Shampoo or Conditioner, 22.5 oz, .99¢ ea

-$1/2 Suave professionals printable (Food Lion)
-$1/2 MF Q (RP 3/01, 3/29 )
Final Price: buy 2, use both makes both FREE

Flintstones Vitamins or Gummies $4.99 ea

-$5/2 Flintstones Vitamins Green Advantage Buy Flyer (exp 4/24)
-$1/1 MF Q (SS 3/22)
Final Price: Buy 2, use store coupon and 2 MF coupons makes it $1.49 ea

Skippy Peanut Butter, 2.49 BOGO

-40/1 MF Q (4/5 RP)

Final Price: .44 each (great deal!)

Thanks to
Southern Savers for this information. Check out her site for more deals.

Whole Foods

Reusable Lunch Bag, .79

Final Price: FREE (thanks
Surviving the Store!)


Pillsbury Brownies, on sale $1.00

-.35/1 MF Q (3/29 RP)

Final Price: .30 each

Pepperage Farms Goldfish, on sale $1.00 each
(My target price for goldfish is $1)

Capri Sun Juices, on sale 1.79

-$1/1 MF Q (SS 4/19)

Final Price: .79 each (great price!)

Zucchini, .98 lb

McCormick Grill Mates, on sale $1.00

-.50/1 MF Q (RP 4/19)

-$1/1 MF Q (RP 3/15)

Final Price: Free

HG Hills:

Green Cabbage, .39 per lb

Super Saturday Sale

Hunt's Tomato Ketchup 24 oz, .79

Van Camp's Baked Beans 28 oz, $1.00

Idaho Potatoes 10 lbs, $2.50

Sirloin End Cut Pork Chops, $1 per lb

John Morrell Cooked Ham, $1 per lb

Split Chicken Breasts, $1 per lb

Bananas, .39 per lb

Wesson Oil 48 oz, $2.00

-.50/1 MF Q from All You Mag (April Issue)

Final Price: $1.00 each


Allison said...

I am new to Harris Teeter. We actually do not have one where we live, but I would consider making the trip to Nashville during the triple coupon week (and to visit my grandmother). Is there a limit to how high of a coupon they will triple? For example, would they triple the 2.50 Electrasol coupon?Thanks for your help.

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Such a good tip about the cats! I'd heard that they were particular about their eating spaces, but never would have thought to put the fact to good use like that. Thanks! :)

Dr. Mom said...

They will triple up to .99 cents. There is a limit of 20 coupons per visit. You can only use 3 of the same coupon at one time. They are pretty particular about that. The free items go pretty quick so if you make a trip, be sure that you arrive early on the first day of the sale.

You're welcome! It's always worked form me.

Brenda said...

Great finds! As usual, I am very jealous of your stores that double (and triple!)