Friday, April 17, 2009

Good News Friday! Music!

Here's some good news for you about music:

Once upon a time, the only chance that you had to hear music was either when you or someone else played it. Today, there’s more music than ever before; more mainstream, independent and world music available on more devices and in more places. Also, research made between music and intelligence concluded that music training is far greater than computer instruction in improving children’s abstract reasoning skills. Do you suppose that with all the music around us we have gotten smarter as a race?

(Source: Shaw, Rauscher, Levine, Wright, Dennis and Newcomb, “Music training causes long-term enhancement of preschool children’s spatial-temporal reasoning,” Neurological Research, vol. 19, February 1997 )

In honor of the joy of music, here's an All Free New Music Playlist for your Ipod! Just for fun, download all these songs (without listening to them), put in a separate play list and try them out for the weekend. They're clean, I could play them in front of my kids! Get them quick as they may be gone tomorrow. They are mostly from Amazon, but there is one each from NPR, ITunes and Walmart. Enjoy!

Black Winged Bird
Nina Perrson

Dead Sound
The Raveonettes

Lay Back Down

Eric Lindell

Missing Something
Auto Vaughn

Summer's Gone

100 Days, 100 Nights
Sharon Jones & the Dap-Kings

Like Someone in Love
Sophie Milman

Awful Sad

Jennie Scheinman

Fleet Foxes

Poison My Cup
Shannon McArdle

Our World

Skinny Love
Bon Iver

It's Gonna be O.K.

Hey Little Kitty

Falling Away
Jupiter Rising

In the Valley of the Dying Sun
House of Heros

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked (ITunes Free Song of the Week)
Cage the Elephant

Wait for Me
Max Morgan

Pitter Patter
Erin McCarley

Swooning in Springtime
Marching Band

The Keeper
Leslie Mills


Too Much of Everything

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