Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Saved 89% at Target

I frequently read about people who find great deals on clearance at Target. Generally, I try to stay clear of Target because it's too easy to spend money there. Today was the first time I found a great clearance item. I went in yesterday just to check the prices on their hot dogs because they had a $1/1 coupon. Unfortunately, they were cleaned out. There were, however, Chex Mix on clearance for .69 each on an end cap. I remembered that Target had a coupon for $1/1. So I went home and printed out a bunch and went back. I actually went back twice in order to purchase what you see in the picture. The Target coupons can be printed from HERE. Guess what's going to be in my kids' lunch boxes for summer camp?!?

60 Chex Mix Bags, on clearance .69 each
-60 $1/1 Target Qs
Final Price: Free plus .31 overage each

24 Pringles, 1.59 each
-12 MF Qs $1/2
-8 .75/2 Target Qs
-8 .50/1 Target Qs
Final Price: .67 each

3 Dr. Pepper 12 pack, on sale 3/$11
-3 $1/1 Target Qs
Final Price: 3/$8

4 Nabisco Snack Packs, 1.52 each
-4 $1/1Target Qs
-2 $1/2 IP Qs (Nabisco Website)
Final Price: .02 each

4 V-8 Fusion, 2.99
-4 $2/1 IP Qs
Final Price: .99 each

Total before coupons: $111
OOP: $12.77 (Saving 89%)

My OOP is what I would have paid just for the sodas on sale without any coupons.


Peppermint Twists said...

This is amazing!

Kathy said...

OH my gosh...
I never find any deals at Target...
I'm like you...I'll end up with a cart full of things that I didn't intend on buying!
You've inspired me to try it again!

Brenda said...

True genius!

Yolanda said...

Wow! I'm speechless... You did great.

Liz said...

I always thought that because it said limit one per transaction that you were not supposed to use more than one during your purchase. Is that not correct or did you just luck out that they didn't bust you on it?
BTW, I was SO SAD that my local kroger in nashville did not have the canning on sale. Sighs.

Dr. Mom said...

I have always used multiples of the same one. I think when they say limit one offer per transaction they mean limit one coupon per item. I have never had a problem with the cashiers. They've not once mentioned that as a coupon issue. Hope that helps. I have not heard that was a problem with any other Target shoppers as well.

Terra said...

Great score! I don't seem to get lucky with clearance items either! but you sure did!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Excellent work! I was actually going to ask something similar as Liz... how do the cashiers react when you have a ton of printable coupons? Or even just a ton of coupons? I feel like kind of wherever I go I get cashiers being unfriendly at the sight of coupons or questioning their validity... has that been a problem for you at all? Maybe I just have a shifty way about me that makes them mistrust me LOL. I've almost always "won" thus far, but a few times they've had to go get the manager before they'll accept the coupons, and I'm really bad at confrontation... haha! Oh well, I'm sure it's making me a stronger person. ;P

Dr. Mom said...

I usually apologize up front about having a ton of coupons, it helps to recognize the extra work they will have to do.

I also pick my cashier carefully. I am looking for the good looking young guy who appears happy and confident in what he is doing. To him this is just a job not a career. He does not take coupons personally and generally has pity on anyone who uses them. This is just from my experience. I stay away form middle age women unless I know them. They tend to take coupons personally. I also try to avoid foreign women. They are extremely nice and I really like them, but they constantly go to the management to confirm that it is okay to take a coupon. They are timidly careful.

I am not wanting to use coupons incorrectly, I just want to get out of the store with the least amount of stress to me and the cashier. I plan my trip carefully and my coupons almost always ring up correctly, and if they don't, I'm okay with that as well.

BTW, my first cashier was a young, happy woman, and the second was a young, happy man. Neither had a problem with the many coupons. The young lady did say that she thought the coupon for Chex Mix was for the original brand only (not the case) and I told her that the previous cashier took it just fine (true) and then she was okay with it. That was all the stress we had.