Friday, April 17, 2009

Great Trip to Publix!

If you had $58, you could pay full price for all of this:

Or, you could shop sales and use coupons and get this:

and that's why I coupon!

Here is what I purchased (prices good until next Tuesday):

Fresh Express Salad Blend, $2.50
-$1/1 Publix Q
Final Price $1.50

2 Revlon Clippers, $1.49
-2 $2/1 Publix Qs
Final Price: Free plus .51 overage each

Eggland's Eggs, on sale $2.00
-.50/1 MF Q, doubled
Final Price: $1.00

12 Vitamin Water, 1.49 B2G1
-12 IP Qs .50/1, doubled
Final Price: Free

3 Heinz White Vinegar, $1.19
-3 .50/1 IP Qs, doubled
Final Price: .19 each

2 Bayer Chewable, 2.69
-2 $2/1 Publix Qs
-2 $1/1 MF Qs
Final Price: Free plus .31 overage each

2 One a Day Multi Vitamins, on sale 4.99
-$5/2 Publix Q
-$4/2 MF Q
Final Price: .49 each

2 Cheerios, 3.99 BOGO
-2 $1/1 IP Qs
Final Price: .99 each

2 Eggbeaters, 2.79
-$1/2 Publix Q
-2 .55/1 IP Qs
Final Price: 1.74 each

12 Mueller Pasta, 1.49 BOGO
-4 $1/3 IP Q
Final Price: .41 each

Publix Milk, 2.69

2 Tombstone Pizza, on sale 2.99 each

2 Knox Gelatin, 1.39
-2 $4/1 IP Q for any Knox product
Final Price: Free plus 2.61 overage each

Whiska's Variety Pack, 4.49
-$2/1 IP Q
Final Price: $2.49

4 Juicy Juice, 3.49 BOGO
-2 $1/2 IP Qs
Final Price: $1.25 each

4 Quaker Chewy Granola Bars, 2.99 BOGO
-2 $1/2 IP Qs
Final Price: .99 each

4 Fast Classics Flame Roasted Chicken Breast, 7.99 BOGO
-4 .30/1 IP Qs
Final Price: $3.40 each

2 Nabisco Chips Ahoy, 3.79 BOGO
-I was going to use the Target Q of $1/2 but since our Target was not a Super, they wouldn't take it.
Final Price: 1.90 each

Nabisco Toasted Chips, 3.39 BOGO
-Also had a Target Q $1/1 which they did not take.
Final Price: 1.70

4 Muir Glen Tomato Paste, 1.09
-4 $1/1 IP Qs
Final Price: .09 each

4 Yoplait Yogurt 6 pk 4 oz cups, 2.79 BOGO
-4 $1.50/1 IP Qs
Final Price: Free plus .11 overage

4 Bird's Eye Voila Meals, 4.99 BOGO
-4 $1/1 IP Qs
Final Price: 1.50 each

Cadbury Orange Eggs, on sale .75

Pam Spray, 2.93 BOGO
-.55/1 Publix Q
Final Price: .92

Powerade, on sale $1.00
-.50/1 MF Q, doubled
Final Price: Free

-HG Hill's $5/$50 Competitor Coupon

Total before Coupons/Sales: $218
Sales: $81.67
Coupons: $77.95
OOP: $58.38 (saving 73%)


The Proverbs Wife said...

You did great at Publix. I love shopping Publix. They are so coupon friendly. They make it easy for us to save big.

Angela said...

You rocked it this week! Awesome! I'm about to make my Publix list for tomorrow. Had to go yesterday and pay full price for everything (had friends coming and all we needed, for the evening and morning meals, was meat, produce and tasty adult beverages, LOL, so no real coupon options there). Hoping to do better tomorrow!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

This is a *great* illustration of the difference couponing makes! I'm totally going to link to this as an example next time I'm "reporting" savings... :D

mkjernig said...

I am so impressed! As a new coupon person, can you help me out with the lingo? How do you actually get make money on some items? That is too cool. Thanks for having this blog. It is inspiring! :)

Dr. Mom said...

There is a list of coupon lingo terms at the bottom of the page. IP Q is an Internet Printable Coupon and MF Q is a Manufacturer Coupon (usually from the newspaper). Other coupons are from the Publix Handouts at the entrance of the store. You can also get blinkies which are from the little boxes in the store, peelies which are on the product or from direct mailings from the store to you.

Overage is when the coupon value is more than the product. I will buy products with overage to pay for the products that I really want. The manufacturer pays the store for the coupon amount plus a handling fee so the store is happy (they actually get paid more for the product), the manufacture gets you to try their product which was their plan so they have accomplished their goal. It's a win win situation. Not all stores give overage, but when it does happen, its nice. It's also hard to do when you buy only a few things - cashiers get stressed out over it.

clrbink said...

Love the visual aide!! What an awesome testament to how coupons and a little planning save so much money. What a great week!!

Bink @ Phase11