Friday, March 13, 2009

Do you have kids that love Nintendo DS Light?

This Nintendo DS Light is on sale for $103.99 at DELL with coupon code Z0WPL1J0CC3W47 [Exp. 03/26]. This includes free shipping.

We have gone through about three. I make my son work for them now rather than just paying for them when he breaks them. He now treats them much better. I like to have one on hand when I find them on sale since they rarely go on sale. If it were just for entertainment purposes I probably would not bother, but it has really improved his reading skills which I like. This particular one that is on sale is pink and will be a future big birthday present for our daughter.

I know some parents do not like their kids to play video games, but it has really helped our children both in their reading and in their dexterity. In moderation, using technology tools that your kids enjoy will benefit them long into the future. Before I went into research, I was a business and technology high school teacher and I knew which kids had access to technology when they were younger because they were leagues ahead of the kids who did not.


Heather near Atlanta said...

I'll be honest. We love the Nintendo DS because it enables us to have a restaurant meal in peace with our 7 year old!

I'm intrigued, though, that you had to replace yours. Ours has lasted 14 1/2 months, although I had to recalibrate the screen once (with directions from the Internet -- I was VERY impressed with myself). I supppose I'll have to start a savings account for this eventuality!

Love your site.

Heather near Atlanta

M T said...

I have one for myself. lol. I play Animal Crossings at night to put me to sleep. Works like a charm. I play it for about twenty minutes and start to fall asleep. I have happily ditched my sleeping meds! Nice to know I can get one cheaper when this one finally gives up on me.

Unpredictable Journey said...

I'm new to this coupon clipping, saving serious money thing.
I always thought I was good at finding deals and getting 'so much for so little'...

oh how wrong I was.

I am also learning blogging.
I'd like to add the same thing you have to my blog but I dont know which function to do it under.
The "sites that save" list....
What do I need to do so I can have all those links on my page too?

Any help I'd love.
Thanks, and I love your site.

Dr. Mom said...

Hi Twentyfive2!

Here is how to add a list of links to your site:
1. Choose customize
2. Choose add a gadget
3. Choose link list
4. Create your title
5. Choose sort option - I sort by alphabet
6. Just paste your site address that you want to add to New Site URL
7. Add the name you want to appear
8. Click add link and it will be added to your list
9. You can add as many links as you like

Dr. Mom said...

My son somehow breaks the two screens apart. I think the first time was in a tug of war with his brother, though he does not admit this. The second time he broke it we made a deal with him to work off his new DS involving a lot of pet feeding. He has been much better on taking care of his toy. I totally understand about the meal in peace!

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