Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quick, Go Get This Printable Coupon!

HERE is a $4/1 coupon on any Pace product. I suspect that it will make numerous items free. Be ready to print. It may take a few minutes. I was able to print multiple times. It will not last long so print asap.


Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hi Dr Mom! :)

I've been meaning to let you know how much I appreciated your encouraging comments on my post a few days ago... You gave me some great things to think over and be encouraged by. You are definitely right about the idea of making a little progress if I can't make a lot of progress -- I've been trying to do that with unpacking in my new place and I'm finally starting to see some forward-motion. Grad school doesn't look to be an option for me at the moment (because of which programs I'd be interested in, and money) but I'm trying to find something else to try to serve that same purpose you mentioned, of giving hope for the future and making me realize I'm not just treading water... (that's *exactly* what I need.. you said it so well!) and then hopefully I can think about grad school again in another six months or a year.

It was hard to write all that publicly, but I think already its helped me confront a few issues and give me perspective for dealing with some of the bigger ones. I can't avoid them if they're staring at me from my blog, haha!

And pizza parties with your kids sound pretty great to me too! When I mentioned bloggers who inspire me, I definitely was including you in that category. :)

PS I tried to find your email address, but couldn't, so this is just a very off-top comment. Pace looks like a great coupon btw, I hope I can get it to print for me! :P

Frances said...

Absolutely awesome coupon!!! We use a lot of Pace at my house. Thanks so much!!!

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