Friday, March 27, 2009

Happy News Fridays

Whenever my life seemed bleak, my mom had a knack for cheering me up by reminding me of all the things that I had accomplished instead of focusing on the issues at present. I hope I will always remember to do that for my children. Here's an example: Once when I was studying for a difficult calculus exam in college, I had a horrible cold...and it was raining... and I had just broken up with whomever I had been dating...and I had a crappy job...and I had just heard the news that a girl my age, with whom I went to church, had just gotten married on some distant tropical beach to some hot guy and she was opening her own art boutique because her new husband was quite wealthy, I called home miserable and my mom reminded me that she would probably find herself divorced with children and no way to support herself because she did not pursue an education...oh, and by the way you are nearly through with college, how great is that? I felt better, worked harder and passed that exam. Oh the girl, you might ask? She did eventually end up as predicted (though I would not wish that on anyone). I say all this because perhaps that is what our nation needs right now - a little good news pep talk and a reminder that we are strong.

Everyday, we hear news story after news story of horrible things happening. From murder and mayhem to the destruction of our environment, it can really bring a person or nation down. I sometimes turn off the news for a few days and breath a sigh of relief. With this in mind, I am going to find good things that are happening and report on them on Fridays.

Because the auto industry is so much in the news, here is some good news about our automobiles:

"Granted, cars emit greenhouse gases and create maddening traffic jams, but consider what else they do. Compared with the models on the road in 1970, today's cars burn less gasoline per mile and emit 98 percent fewer pollutants. That's why, despite the doubling of the number of cars, there's much less smog in the air.

The basic sedan today offers more creature comforts and safety than the luxury cars of old. The fatality rate has declined sharply, and cars have become so reliable that it's rare to come upon that once-routine sight on the shoulder of the road: a driver forlornly staring under the hood."

-It's a Wonderful Life, Reader's Digest, February 2009

If you are interested in getting happy news in your email, I recommend this website, Happy News. Sign up for their newsletter and you will read news stories that are positive.


Unknown said...

Great post!!!! I think we all forget about all the good and focus on the bad. I have started making a habit of once a week turning off the news (paper, tv, internet) and enjoying life. Today was that day, we sat outside for hours blowing bubbles. It felt so good that I don't really care about the problems. Lets face it the problems will always be there but we need to focus on the good.

Debbie said...

You are so right. We can always find something to be happy about, if we just try.

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