Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Making Money at Walgreens!

It's finally above 50 degrees around here so I needed a destination to take a walk. Walgreens is about six blocks away so I looked online to see if there were any great deals and that is when I came across the post at Coupon Cravings.

Here is what I purchased:

8 Dove Bath Soaps, regularly 1.69
-Walgreens in ad coupon making them .99
Final Price: .99 each

The ad does say limit 3, and I was prepared to pay full price for the remainder because it would still be a good deal, but the .99 price was applied to all eight.

Total with tax: $8.65
Got back a $10 register reward

Profit: $1.35 and free soap!


Unknown said...

Thank you for posting this, but I don't understand how you got the register rewards? I am new to all this! :D I didn't see them in the weekly Walgreens paper, just the coupon for Dove.

Coco said...

Hi! This comment has nothing to do with Walgreens, but I love your simple & easy recipes and gave you Kreativ Blogger Award. Come & check out my blog to pick the award up.

Dr. Mom said...

The register rewards prints out when you check out just like a catalina. You then use it like money for your next purchase. However, if you do the Dove purchase again, do not pay with this register reward because it will not produce another one for you. Somehow their computer knows that the register reward that you are paying with was produced by the same purchase type and will not give you another.

Thus, if you do this scenario dozens of times, you should get the same $10 register reward as long as you pay with cash/credit/check or register rewards from a different purchase not Dove related.

Generally, when there is not a deal elsewhere, this is how I make the money I use to purchase newspapers from Walgreens on Sunday. That way, I don't feel like I am paying additional money to buy coupons. I'll buy something, get the register rewards, and then use the register rewards to purchase the newspapers.

Just FYI, register rewards have expiration dates on them so you have to be sure to keep that in mind.

Dr. Mom said...

If your store is already out of Dove soap, here is another scenario with Dove deodorant that works even better:

Unknown said...

I live near Seattle and our Wags doesn't have the Dove Register Rewards listed in their paper. So I am afraid to try it. But I did pay less than $20 for over $75 in items we needed. Nice little savings there!

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