Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kroger Clearance: Why You Should Always Take Coupons With You

Yesterday afternoon I stopped by Kroger to pick up a prescription. Before I went in I had decided that I was not going to shop. Not a bit. I didn't even take my coupons in. Well, my prescription was not ready - come back in ten minutes. I half wondered if they say that to everyone to get them to go shop. Maybe. It worked on me. My plan then was to go collect blinkies. I still was not shopping. In the freezer section I found a couple of microwave egg cooker containers which I have been meaning to get. Okay, I did not need coupons for that, and it wasn't really food so that was okay. I then wandered over to the clearance section. There were Glade and Febreeze products 75% off. I knew I had a ton of coupons for these. So I went out to my car and got my mammoth coupon binder. This was a good thing because, since I wanted to buy the egg cookers which would have been six dollars plus tax, I was able to get them plus the other items for $4.36 due to all the overage on the clearance items. So my lesson learned is always take your coupons with you (even if you just leave them in the car) and always check Kroger clearance!

Total before sales/coupons: 69.38
Sales: 46.02
Coupons: 19.00
OOP: $4.36


Jamie said...

I ALWAYS have my coupons with me (or at least in the car) that is something I learned very early on! Great find on all the glade/febreeze!

The Sensible Momma said...

Yes, I agree, I always keep my coupons with me...I learned that early on when I forgot them once! I have nominated you for an award- come visit my blog to pick it up!

Sarah Eliza said...

Awesome! It does seem inevitable that the few times I leave my coupons at home are the times I stumble across really great clearance like that lol. Mental note: keep them in the car...