Thursday, January 8, 2009

Cleaning Up at Target 1/7/09

As you may know, Electrasol recently came out with one of my favorite coupons. It is $2.50 off of one. The last time they did this I bought eleven boxes and thought I would never use them up. Not the case! I used the last one up two days ago. We do a full load of dishes once a day and frequently more than that on the weekends. Actually, I have it pretty good on the weekdays. I cook dinner as my husband usually works late. The dishes sit in the sink over night and when he gets up to get coffee, he unloads the clean dishes and reloads the dishwasher. Before I leave which is after him, I'll finish loading it and start it. And it starts all over the next day. Of course, I do all the dishes on the weekends. It balances out. Anyway...I was so excited to see this coupon and Target has the best deal out right now. I fully expected to get there yesterday and see an empty shelf. Not only was it full, but it had the boxes with five extra tablets in them! Woohoo! So here is what I bought:

15 Boxes of Electrasol, on sale for $3.25
-15 MF Qs $2.50/1
Final price: .75 each

3 Hats and 2 2-packs of Gloves, on sale $1.49 each

2 State Fair Corn Dogs, on sale $1.99 each

5 Snapples, regularly $1.39, on sale .97
-5 MF Qs .75/1
Final price: .22 each

Iams Dry Dog Food, 6.96
-MF Q Free Product
Final Price: Free

Archer Farms Sparkling Water, 1.49

Milk, Gallon, 3.19

5 Boxes Christmas Cards, 4.99, 90% off
Final Price: .49 each

Total before sales/coupons: $127.27
Savings: $89.28
OOP: $37.99 (tax 7.12)
Saving 70%

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