Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Spent $3.49 to Buy Lunch for the Next Four Weeks

I went to Krogers today for lunch and they have an amazing Mega event deal going on (I love it when they do that). Basically, they give you a list of products that you have to buy ten of and then you get $5 taken off at the register. You can do it up to three times per transaction (total of $15 off). Currently Green Giant Vegetable Steamers are part of the deal. Now, I looked in the local circular and online, and I do not see anywhere where these are listed as part of this deal but they are. The only way I knew about it is that other people mentioned it online and I went to check it out myself. These are bags (not the boxes) of vegetables often with potatoes or rice and some kind of sauce on them. They have about 2.5 servings in each bag but even if you ate the whole thing they only have about 200 total caleries in them. Great for those who are dieting. And the cool thing is that there have been just a ton of coupons for them recently. I have heard that you can get them really cheaply at Walmart, but my Walmart is always more expensive, super crowded and they do not double coupons.

Here is how it went:

20 Grean Giant Vegetable Steamers, regularly 2.29, on sale 1.59
-20 MF Qs .50/1, doubled
-$10 for Mega Event deal
Final Price: .09 each

OOP: 3.49 (Saving 96%)


Frances said...

That is AWESOME! I may have to do that deal! Thanks!

Michelle said...

I have Kroeger envy.

Melissa said...

awesome!! love it when deals come around at my grocery stores.